It’s worth staying in for!

Itching for a great night out with your family and friends?

Well, not any more! Because now you’ve a good reason to stay in.

There’s all to play for, with a Toilet Twinning T-shirt as the winning prize!

With our brand-new online quiz, you can test your friend and family’s toilet knowledge by either pitting individual contestants against one another or by inviting different households in your wider family to each join as separate teams. 

140 points could be the max!

40 points in total are up for grabs (or 50 or 60 points if you add in a music and photos round). You might like to introduce the fun of a Joker card per person/team. Each player/team can then decide to play their Joker at the start of any round and they will be awarded double points for that round. 

How to raise funds:

We suggest you ask for a donation of £3–5 per person with individual contestants, and maybe £5–10 if you’re going for teams. 

If your group can raise £60 overall that would be amazing! 

We recommend you set up an online giving page such as a quiz night fundraiser on Facebook or a Virgin Money giving page.

If you decide to collect donations offline please see our paying in sheet with all the different options to pay in your donation.

What you will need:

  1. The toilet quiz question sheet.
  2. Get everyone together online.
  3. Each person/team will need a pen and paper to write answers down and you can score at the end of each round.
  4. There are 4 rounds with 10 questions in each round. For the anagrams round we suggest you write each word down on a separate piece of paper, and hold those up to the screen one-by-one, or you could simply say the letters out loud so each team can then write down their answer. 
  5. You might like to add in a picture round and/or a music round. Due to copyright regulations we can’t give you the links but you might like to set up a Spotify playlist or find the tracks on Youtube. Here are some of our favourite songs for people to guess:
  • Waterloo – Abba
  • Cry my a river – Ella Fitzgerald
  • Bridge over troubled waters – Simon & Garfunkel
  • Water – The Who
  • Under the sea – The little mermaid
  • Sitting on a dock of the bay – Ottis Reading
  • Kentucky Rain – Elvis Presley 
  • Singing in the rain – Grace Kelly
  • Moon River – Frank Sinatra 

A google search will reveal lots of interesting and quirky toilet pictures online that your quizzers might want to guess the country location of – eg:

  • An 18-carat gold toilet in Blenheim Palace 
  • Flower-themed toilets in Shepton Mallett
  • Loos with a view in a skyscraper in Frankfurt  
  • Tuba urinals in Germany! 
  • A high-tech toilet with lights and music in Japan! 
  • A ski jump toilet in Japan 
  • Ice loos in Antarctica 
  • US rapper Tyga’s gold toilet in the States 

We hope you have lots of fun! 

Please do post photos of your Zoom gathering on social media, and tell us all about it! (And don’t forget to give us the name and address of the winner if you’d like us to send a T-shirt* afterwards.)

*Please note: We can only send out one T-shirt per winning team,so if every team member would like one, and is happy to donate an extra £3 each, the winners can each wear a T-shirt all summer! 

Or… Chicken Poo Bingo anyone?

You might fancy an online game of Chicken Poo Bingo? Yes, you’ve guessed it – it brings together those two great British institutions: bingo and chicken excrement!

Share our new, 60-square bingo board on your social media page or via email, or by opening it up on your computer and then sharing your screen with others. Then invite friends to donate a small amount to put their name on a square. If 30 people donate £1 a square, and have two squares each, you’ve twinned a toilet!

Play Chicken Poo Bingo!