Wtd Fundraising ideas

In the run-up to November 19 every year, there’s a rush of excitement as the baking trays come out, the sporty types limber up, and the party types perfect their ‘Pin the flush on the loo’ technique.

Could you throw a ‘do for a loo’ to help us in our big push for World Toilet Day?

Here are a couple of World Toilet Day examples to inspire you:

Fifteen brilliant Beavers from Croydon – aged just six to eight – took part in a local Junior Park Run on World Toilet Day, running 2km to raise money for loos.

Rotarians in the Portsmouth area held Bog Off Games – a toilet-themed games evening at a local community centre, complete with quizzes, treasure hunt and, of course, toilet golf.

Perhaps World Toilet Day could be the day you decide to make us your charity of the year…?

Whatever you get up to on November 19, thank you in advance for getting involved in our #BigPush to end poverty, one toilet at a time!