World Toilet Day

19 November is World Toilet Day –
and the highlight of our year!

It’s a day to kick up a stink about the fact that one in three people on the planet are STILL without a safe, clean loo.

Without toilets, families like Sita’s in Ivory Coast are constantly falling ill and they have to spend the little money they have on medical bills. When Sita’s debts piled up at the medical centre, her hope drained away: ‘We felt trapped. What’s the point in living if you’re in debt to everyone?’

A simple toilet has restored the family’s health so they can now afford to send the children to school – and build a new home.

But 2.3 billion people are still trapped in a vicious circle and World Toilet Day is your chance to do something about it!

Twin a toilet

Twin your loo or someone else’s on World Toilet Day and watch the twinning totaliser on our website update in real time.

Play Chicken Poo Bingo

Print off our bingo poster and rules, and play our Chicken Poo Bingo sweepstake. Then, join us live on Facebook at 1pm on Tuesday, 19 November to see where Daisy the hen does her business!

Hold a Toilet Party

Our party kit contains more games and activities than you can shake a loo brush at! Plus there’s a poster, quiz, craft ideas, bunting, and more! If you fancy playing games at work, our workplace kit puts a competitive spin on the party theme.

Wanted: Soggy Bottoms

Poo emoji cupcake anyone? You could hold a Soggy Bottoms bake sale to raise funds for Toilet Twinning… Or you could make a Soggy Bottoms bake off part of your party antics! We’ve recipes for you for poo emoji cupcakes, chocolate logs and brownies!