Hold a Spag Bog social or Soggy Bottoms bake sale for World Toilet Day!

For World Toilet Day on 19 November, we have the support of an amazing line-up of celebrity chefs and bakers who’ve donated recipes for you to try.

And our party planners have been busily creating some games and activities so you have a ready-made fundraiser on a plate.

Spag Bog social

Get your friends or group together for a meal and games night.

Choose between Spag Bog recipes by Prue Leith CBE, Fay Ripley, Rev Kate Bottley and Monica Galetti.

Lay on some games:

Chicken poo bingo. Guests buy a square on the board to guess ‘Where did Daisy do it?’

Build-a-bog. A toilet twist on the classic ‘beetle drive’

Guess-the-weight of the toilet cake contest

Sell meal tickets in advance and invite people to ‘pay to play’ on the night. (Or make your tickets all inclusive: eg £10 a head for the meal and games night.)

Start with an ice-breaker: ‘Poop a potato’might do the job! In two teams, people line up opposite a bucket, one for each team. Each person wedges a potato (or bean bag) between their thighs, then walks carefully to the bucket where they squat to release their spud.

(No) Soggy Bottoms here

Lay on a loo-themed bake sale: it’s a piece of cake!

Martha Collison of Great British Bake Off fame and The Apprentice winner Alana Spencer have generously shared some recipes for you to try.

Or you might like to be inspired by other twinners’ creations, including:

Lemon widdle cake, poo emoji cupcakes, chocolate log, swiss (loo) roll, bog-shaped biscuits or cupcakes with the Toilet Twinning logo…

You could also offer:

  • Guess-the-weight of the toilet cake contest
  • Chicken poo bingo
  • On-the-spot Toilet Twinning using our Make-A-Stand kit

For your Spag Bog or Soggy Bottom event, you might also like to use:

Ask us for a kit!