A wee tour of the world

Calling all parents, teachers, youth workers and uniformed group leaders! Here’s a fun way to take your children on an adventure around the world – from the comfort of their sofa!

Toilet Twinning has designed a Wee Loo Tour activity booklet – to help children think about how difficult life would be without clean water and a toilet. You can take a look here:

For more inspiration:

  • In the Schools section, you’ll find a short film about Rachel, a schoolgirl in Ivory Coast.
  • In the Resources section, check out the games, quizzes and fundraising ideas that your children could have fun with in the autumn if you’d like to twin a toilet. You can request more copies of this FREE activity booklet by emailing us.

Social media shout out

We’d love your children to share their toilet inspiration with us! When they get to the end of the Wee Loo Tour, could they post about their travel ‘experience’ on social media, perhaps from their bathroom?

Remember to tag us and include the hashtag #WeeLooTour