Villages, towns, cities and islands across the UK are dreaming up wild and wacky ways to encourage people to twin their toilets!

If you take on the challenge, you’ll need to spread the word, involve different groups and work together.

Could you be our next twinned community?

That is exactly what Abigail in Failsworth decided to do, watch her story here.



Encourage your local council or MP to twin a toilet

Encourage your local council or MP to either donate £60 to twin their own toilet or accept a twin as a gift. We know you can’t ensure that people display their certificate in their loo. Your job will be done if a local councillor or MP simply agree to accept one. 


Tell as many people as possible about Toilet Twinning

You will need to promote Toilet Twinning in your community, have a stand at an event, or through leaflets, posters, presentations or school assemblies etc.



Twin at least 5 toilets across your community in at least 3 of these categories


Twin at least 20 toilets across your community in at least 4 of these categories 


Twin at least 30 toilets across your community in at least 4 of these categories 

  • Churches or other faith communities
  • Schools or other educational establishments
  • Public toilets
  • Cafes, pubs or restaurants
  • Local businesses or employers 
  • Community organisations / charities


Get some local media coverage

As you spread the word far and wide about Toilet Twinning, you’ll achieve media coverage for your efforts – or will provide evidence of attempts to do so (i.e. press releases to local papers or radio stations). 

Contact us if you would like help drafting your release or coming up with media-friendly events.

Fundraising ideas

  • Have a Blue for the loo day at your work, school, church or group. Invite donations of £1 or £2 for everyone who comes dressed in blue. 
  • Hold a (No) Soggy Bottoms bake sale. It’s a piece of cake!
  • Play The Toilet Games in your workplace 
  • Hold a party with toilet themed games

Twinned Towns

Current active and complete Twinned Town campaigns

Active Complete

Toilet Twinned Town


With his fellow Rotarians, Vic succeeded in making Wellington a Toilet Twinned Town ‒ in the middle of a pandemic. Through Rotarians’ own generosity and awareness-raising, Toilet Twins appeared across the Shropshire town.

‘Once the ball started rolling, it seemed to gather a life of its own - and we qualified on World Toilet Day!’ says Vic.


Today, 1 in 4 people around the world lack safe drinking water. (WHO/UNICEF 2021)