Twin your mum’s toilet

Mothering Sunday, March 11

Mum-of-four Concepción runs the household while her husband works as a day labourer, far away. Her sixteen-year-old daughter Pauline left school to help her at home.

Concepción says, ‘Before we had a toilet, we used to go up to the mountain, even in the night. Sometimes, there were poisonous toads and snakes. It’s very different now because our toilet is so close to the house.’

Concepción with her son and daughter Pauline, Guatemala.

In Guatemala, Toilet Twinning’s partner AMI San Lucas works with indigenous, marginalised communities to train families about hygiene and supply materials for new toilets. They encourage the women and families to get involved by digging the pits and installing the toilet structures. Through this project, some of the mothers are starting to think about setting up small businesses selling food they have cooked!

However, many more mothers in Guatemala are still without a toilet, leaving them and their children at risk of becoming ill or getting bitten by a snake – all the time having to relieve themselves in the open.

You can help to change this by twinning your mum’s toilet this Mother’s Day. By doing so you will support extraordinary projects like this one in Guatemala – providing safety to women and children whilst restoring their dignity.

If you are running late, you can download a voucher here to give, until your Toilet Twin arrives!

Twin your mum’s toilet today!