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Twin your toilet with a household latrine or a toilet block – and change lives forever.

Twin Your Toilet


Twin the toilets of your friends and family too!

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If you’re planning supper with friends, a fundraising event, a stall at a local fair, or a bid for Toilet Twinned Town status – a Make a Stand kit will give you all you need.

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Heather Norton

Heather Norton

Heather Norton is doing a cracking job with her Make-a-Stand kit in Andover. She is on her second supply of certificates and is hoping to achieve 25 twins in total and gain Toilet Twinned Town status. Her first kit was used for a display at her church’s pre-Christmas Fair on World Toilet Day (19 November) – opened by none other than Alan Titchmarsh.

Heather Norton

Rosemary Clarke

Rosemary Clarke

The Isle of Man celebrated becoming the first Toilet Twinned Island with a day-long celebration of loos.

A loo-themed car took Toilet Twinning CEO Lorraine Kingsley to visit twinned toilets in homes, workplaces, schools and churches across the island - finishing at the Legislative Buildings in Douglas.

‘It’s been wonderful to see people’s enthusiasm grow as they’ve grasped the difference a toilet can make to families and whole communities.’
Rosemary Clarke, One World Centre

Rosemary Clarke