About Toilets+:

Toilets+ are a leading provider of portable toilet hire in the South, East and Central England. We have over 6,000 units and 75 vans that deliver and service a range of loos across 20 counties in England. Find out why you can trust in us at Toilets+ by visiting or calling us on 0800 606100.

Why and how we support Toilet Twinning:

Toilets+ have one massive thing in common with Toilet Twinning – toilets! We’ve been providing portable toilets for over 30 years and to celebrate that milestone we want to give something back – to Toilet Twinning! We’re encouraging our staff, customers and suppliers to twin their toilets and flush away poverty.

Quote from Toilets+ Managing Director Shaun Turner:

We are very excited to work in partnership with Toilet Twinning. It was an obvious choice to support such a fantastic charity and one which is as passionate about toilets as we are!

It’s scary to comprehend that, in 2020, billions of individuals around the world still don’t have access to a safe, hygienic toilet. Our aim is to work closely with Toilet Twinning to improve awareness and subsequently raise thousands of pounds for the charity, twinning as many toilets as possible over the next 12 months.