We all love a bit of toilet humour – so we’ve come up with more games and ideas than you can shake a loo brush at, so… go on…. invite your friends to a ‘Do for a Loo’!

Get everyone together

Book a date, send out your invites and advertise your event using our editable DIY Poster. Decorate your room with our downloadable Bunting.

Toilet-themed games

Most party games can be given a toilet twist! Our games offering includes a Build a Bog team game, Lob a Loo Roll, Pin the Flush on the Toilet, Balls in a Bowl, Be a Party Pooper relay race, and Dress to Impress loo roll fun!

Build a Bog

This is our take on the classic game ‘beetle drive’, for teams or individual players. Use our downloadable template to create your pieces. Then, throw the die in turn and roll all six numbers to build a complete bog. You can make the game harder and longer by insisting people have to roll the numbers in descending order, 6 to 1.

Lob a Loo Roll

Think of this as darts with a loo roll. We’ve created a target board for you to print and pin on the wall, where people will aim their shots. And there’s a leaderboard where you can keep a tally of who’s feeling flush and who’s going down the pan. Read our rules – or make up your own.

Pin the Flush on the Toilet / rules

Think ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’… Print off our poster and cut out the ‘flushes’. Blindfold each player in turn and invite them to pin the flush (without feeling the edge of the poster)!

Balls in a Bowl

How many table tennis balls can you land in the bucket/toilet? It’s harder than you think. Download our rules – or make up your own.

Be a Party Pooper

Divide into two or more teams and give each team a potato or squidgy poo emoji. Team members take it in turns to put the potato/poop between their legs, waddle over to a bucket across the room and take aim! Use our rules – or make up your own!

Dress to impress

Divide into teams and give each team the same number equipment: a few loo rolls, Sellotape and safety pins or pegs. Challenge them to come up with best toilet-related costume or see which team can mummify a colleague in loo roll against the clock.


Divide into teams, or give everyone a quiz sheet. Our 20-minute multiple-choice quiz (with answer sheet) will test your knowledge on all toilet matters.


Chicken Poo Bingo Sweepstake

Invite people to give generously by organising a Chicken Poo Bingo sweepstake. The idea is that you invite people to pay £2 to pick a square where they think Daisy the hen will do her business. As you sell a square, put that number into a hat. Once you’ve sold all 30 squares (ideally), draw the winning number out of the hat.


Check out our loo-py ideas for some team-building craft activities on a loo-related theme, from loo roll origami to bog roll bridge-building.

Soggy Bottoms bake sale

You could serve up some Soggy Bottoms bakes during your party – such as poo emoji cupcakes, brownies or chocolate log! Or you could have a bake-off competition as part of your party fun. You’ll find a host of recipes in our Bake for Bogs kit.

Film show

Our short film will explain just why your fundraising matters and how even the simplest of toilets can make a life-changing difference in the communities where we work.

Certificates display

If you think your party guests would like to twin their toilet at home, ask us for a Make-A-Stand kit so your guests can choose their very own Toilet Twin there and then.