The Children’s Hand Hygiene Company

What we do

The Children’s Hand Hygiene Company are children’s hygiene experts. We help designers,

architects and schools to create environments and practices that get young children washing and drying their hands properly. Our innovative equipment and educational resources help teachers and carers establish this key life skill at the earliest stages. For all children everywhere we want to establish sustainable hygiene solutions for the future.

Why and how we support Toilet Twinning

Almost 900 children die every day from diseases related to dirty water and unsafe toilets. The Children’s Hand Hygiene Company wants to help change that statistic. Firstly, by providing access to sanitary toilets and proper handwashing, we could help protect one out of every three young children who get sick with diarrhoea and almost one out of five young children who suffer respiratory infections like pneumonia (CDC). We’re helping Toilet Twinning put hygienic facilities into some of the most remote areas in developing countries. Our first goal is to build 100 toilets in Malawi through the sale of Puff dryers in the UK and around the world.