Matched Giving Appeal for World Water Day!

It’s World Water Day! Today, any donation you make to Toilet Twinning or Tap Twinning will have DOUBLE the impact thanks to some amazingly generous businesses within our corporate community.

Please support our matched giving appeal today! 

£1 = £2 

122 million people still drink water directly from sources such as rivers and ponds. And the burden of collecting water mostly falls on women and girls who have to make long, dangerous treks every day.

All the way to midnight today, a donation to Toilet Twinning will have DOUBLE the impact in the communities where we work – thanks to the incredible generosity of a small group of businesses who have joined together to make this matched appeal possible.

If you twin your toilet or tap for World Water Day, your £60 will be doubled to £120!

You can give the gift of safe, clean water or a first-ever loo by twinning your tap or toilet. And you’ll receive a duplicate certificate to celebrate your matched donation!

I want to twin my tap

I want to twin my toilet

Children like Bridget often miss school because they are called upon to collect water from a spring or well that’s a long way from their home. The burden of walking for water usually falls on girls – and when they miss lessons, and start falling behind and doing badly in end-of-year exams, this often leads to them dropping out of school altogether.

‘I want to be a nurse,’ says Bridget. So, when our local partner installed a tapstand at her school, she was among the girls who broke out in a spontaneous round of applause in this video…

When a community gets access to clean water nearby, women and girls no longer have to spend hours walking for water: they go to school, start businesses, improve their homes, and care for their families.

Please support our matched giving appeal today! 

£1 = £2 

Twin your tap to have DOUBLE the impact

Twin your toilet to have DOUBLE the impact

This matched-appeal has been made possible thanks to generous donations by…

We’ve compiled a gallery of photos in this World Water Day photo gallery to show the impact of water in the lives of individuals and families.