Vulnerable communities need more than a clean loo in order to thrive.

Toilets, taps and training together are a lifesaving trio that help flush away poverty.

And when it comes to stopping the spread of coronavirus in the communities where we work, handwashing and hygiene training (to understand how viruses spread) are vital.

We are supporting partners in more than 35 countries to help the most vulnerable communities protect themselves from Covid-19. In practice, this means improving people’s access to clean water, providing hygiene training and products such as soap, and distributing the latest public health guidance by all means possible. In many communities, we are helping families set up simple handwashing stations called ‘tippy taps’ that help improve hand hygiene while preserving precious water reserves.

And we’re working closely with trusted community leaders to share vital health messages, counter misinformation and reach those in greatest need.

That’s where Tap Twinning comes in.

Here’s how it works: Your £60 donation will help us stop the spread of coronavirus in vulnerable communities across more than 35 countries. So people have the information and resources they need to protect themselves  through handwashing and good hygiene.

In return, we will send you a special framed Tap Twinning certificate to thank you for your support.

Every time you look at your certificate in your kitchen, toilet or bathroom, you’ll know that you have helped those who need our support most: people whose immune systems are weakened because of poverty and malnutrition, people who don’t have ready access to healthcare or social safety nets.

Help us stop the spread. Twin your Tap today!

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