Today, 1 in 4 people lacks access to safe drinking water.

122 million people still drink water directly from sources such as rivers and ponds. The burden of collecting water mostly falls on women and girls who have to make long, dangerous treks every day.

Unsafe water leaves people at high risk of water-borne diarrhoeal diseases. Water scarcity, made worse by climate change, means crops fail, food supplies dwindle and people remain trapped in poverty. The daily treks for water get longer…

You can give the gift of safe, clean water by twinning your tap with a water system overseas.

We will use your Tap Twinning donation to help give sustainable, reliable and affordable access to safe, clean water in some of the world’s poorest communities.

We also work closely with communities to promote good hygiene including handwashing. This helps them protect themselves against the spread of infection – for any kind of communicable disease, not just in a pandemic.

Twin your tap today

We work with local partners to set up sustainable water systems such as solar-powered water pumps and gravity-fed tanks.

These partners build strong relationships with local communities, ensuring their full participation and ownership. Local residents are involved at every stage of decision-making, from choosing the type of water system, to identifying where best to site the water point.

Usually, a village Water Committee is appointed or trained to ensure the tap is properly maintained, typically with support from an outside organisation.

So with your £60 donation, we are able to help provide safe water and promote good hygiene in a community. And, in return, we will send you a framed Tap Twinning certificate to thank you for your support and show you an example of how your funds are being used.

Every time you look at your certificate in your kitchen, toilet or bathroom, you’ll know that you have helped those most in need.

Twin your tap today