Creating a Soggy Bottoms bake sale to raise funds for Toilet Twinning is a piece of cake! We have all the ingredients you need for a coffee morning or bake sale with a toilet twist!

Here’s everything you need to start planning your bake sale:


A DIY poster to help you promote your Soggy Bottoms event.


Any cake will do – but if you fancy going down the poo-themed route, you can download our recipes for poo emoji cupcakes, brownies, or chocolate log to create an unforgettable spread!


Invite people to give generously by organising a Chicken Poo Bingo sweepstake alongside your culinary creations. The idea is that you invite people to pay £2 to pick a square where they think Daisy the hen will do her business. Go to Toilet Twinning’s Facebook page at 1pm on World Toilet Day (19 November) to see where Daisy decides to go….!

You could also hold a ‘Guess the weight of the toilet cake’ contest to raise even more funds!

On-the-spot Twinning

Ask us for a Make-A-Stand kit so you can create a display of certificates from which people can choose their very own Toilet Twin (in return for a £60 donation).

Download a Bake for bog kit!