Toilets bring women self-worth and dignity

International Women’s Day, March 8

Indigenous women are second-class citizens in Guatemala – doubly discriminated against because of their sex and ethnicity. Toilet Twinning partner Gengly says: ‘Traditionally, the women are just there to cook tortillas and have children. Sadly, basic human conditions such as having a toilet become a luxury for these women. It’s horrible to have to go to the toilet with people watching you: there’s no dignity in that.’

But Gengly is doing incredible work among a group of vulnerable mothers to provide them with a safe place to go to the toilet. By telling the women about the importance of having a toilet, she’s teaching these women about their worth – and restoring their dignity!

‘Having a toilet changes the way women think about themselves: they start to see they have rights. We’re giving them the right to be human.’

You can support the extraordinary work of Gengly and others by twinning your toilet today.

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