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Celebrating the amazing support of our twinning community.

Record-breaking World Water Day!

Donations doubled for World Water Day!
On March 22nd, Toilet Twinning launched a ONE day only match-funded appeal to celebrate World Water Day.
And, smashed all previous twinning records!
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The toilets of a town-centre car park may not be the most glamorous setting for an awards ceremony – but they proved the perfect backdrop for Bedford to receive its Toilet Twinned Town award.
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St Albans becomes a Toilet Twinned City

Have you heard of the Soroptimists? They are a global movement of volunteers who Educate, Empower and Enable opportunities for women and girls. They’ve been supporting Toilet Twinning for years.
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Have you ever heard of a VIP loo?

For more than 10 years people living in the Alari refugee settlement in South Sudan haven’t had access to proper toilets. So the introduction of any loo would have been VIP...
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How providing a loo for the family made a dad proud

It's hard for dads in the DRC to keep their families safe so building a simple latrine that keeps his wife and children secure and healthy has meant a lot to Kayeba
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Why proper toilets are vital for keeping girls in school

Bridget's classmates in Uganda used to miss lessons or drop out of education altogether when they started puberty. The new girls' toilets changed everything...
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Bishwo’s ‘Toilet Open Day’ in Nepal

Bishwo only realised his makeshift toilet was putting his family at risk when his mother nearly died of diarrhoea. His response started a revo-loo-tion in his village
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Building toilets together helps build community

Not having a proper loo has exposed Bawili's family in the DRC to attack and trauma - which is why she's determined every family in her village should have a toilet
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How a simple loo beat disease, despair and debt

Sita and her family in Ivory Coast were battling debt and on the brink of despair when building a simple loo set their lives on a different course
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