Youth Groups

World Toilet Day is the highlight of the Toilet Twinning year – and it’s less than two months away!

Youth groups are doing some amazing things to fight injustice – one toilet twin at a time – in the run up to World Toilet Day on Saturday November 19.

Check out the resources opposite – or download your starter kit here:

Download the World Toilet Day kit today

For every £60 your group donates, you can twin one of your loos with a toilet that’s been built by a desperately poor family in Africa, Asia or Central America.

If your group’s amazing total is £240 or more, you can have individual Toilet Twinning certificates, or you can twin with a refugee block in DRC or Bangladesh.

Here’s why World Toilet Day matters

For two years, Ruth and her family lived in a squalid refugee camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo without any toilets or water. But then they moved to a different camp: one that has brand-new toilets and showers because they were installed in a project that Toilet Twinning helps fund!

For years, Ruth wasn’t sure she could keep her family alive. ‘Now we can protect ourselves and our children from diseases,’ she says.

We like to think we’ve come up with more toilet themed activities than you can shake a loo brush at!

Chicken Poo Bingo

All the silliness of the Chicken Poo Bingo sweepstake is back for 2022! Where will Daisy the Chicken do her do-do? Choose your square, pay £2 – and then sit back and watch the film to see if you’re the winner!

Download Chicken Poo Bingo

Bog-themed bakes

Who doesn’t want to have a toilet-themed food fest of poo-emoji cupcakes, brownies and chocolate logs? A Soggy Bottoms bake sale is a great way to raise funds. Our kit includes recipes, bunting and posters – everything you need to be flushed with success!

Download the Bake for Bogs kit

Blue for the Loo

A ‘Blue for the Loo’ fundraiser is as simple as it sounds! Everyone donates £2 to wear something (or everything!) blue. You could even order in some blue wigs!

The Big Squat

It’s the ultimate World Toilet Day sponsored challenge: How many squats can you do before you drop?

You can design the challenge to be as easy or hard as you like – with your group competing against each other or against the clock!

You could:

  • Squat for two minutes each
  • Complete as many squats as possible in two minutes
  • Hold the squatting position for as long as possible. The last person squatting wins a prize
  • Divide into teams and each person has to do 20 squats each. The first team to complete their squats sits down
  • Take it in turn to see who can do the most squats

Students at Warwick University organised the first-ever Big Squat – with a public relay on campus spread over 12 hours from 8am to 8pm! A core team took it in turn to squat, and passers-by were invited to make a donation or ‘stop and squat’ too, with a Squatting Leaderboard enticing competitive types to keep coming back!

Don’t forget to post about your #BigSquat on social media!

And if you need squatting tips or safety advice, there are some great guides on YouTube!

Splash and Dash

What floats your boat? You could swim some lengths, run a 5k, 10k, half-marathon or full marathon, cycle with a toilet seat strapped to your bike or hold a sponsored walk. We’re on Just Giving.

Paying-in details

Once your group is ready to donate, you can make a BACS transfer to us online and include your name as a reference:

Account name    Toilet Twinning
Bank    Barclays
Account    53798860
Sort code    20-00-00

Other payments can be made by cheque (payable to ‘Toilet Twinning’) and sent to: Toilet Twinning, 1052–1054 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH7 6DS.


If you raise £240, don’t forget that you can twin with a refugee block in DRC or Bangladesh. 

If you’d like more ideas for your group’s fundraising for Toilet Twinning, please get in touch. We’re here to help! Send us a wee email at: [email protected]


St Devenick’s young people

Young people at St Devenick’s Episcopal Church in Aberdeen took on a sponsored bike ride, a movie night and an outdoor sleepover under cardboard boxes, and invited along a few friends. They far-exceeded their target, raising £840 – enough to twin 14 household latrines.

Every year, women and girls spend 97 billion hours finding a place to go