Uniformed Groups

If you love having fun, learning new things and helping others –  then look no further! 

World Toilet Day is less than two months away on 19 November, and there are so many different ways that you can have a toilet-themed time together in the run-up to the highlight of the . 

Talking about toilets

If you’d like someone to come and tell your group about the work of Toilet Twinning, then please book one of our trained volunteer speakers!

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More ideas than you can shake a loo brush at 

We have lots of fundraising ideas and resources so you can help flush away poverty!

A soggy bottoms bake sale

A bog-standard bake sale can be raised to new dizzy heights with toilet-themed creations such as poo emoji cupcakes, brownies or a chocolate log! And our bake sale kit also includes publicity material such as posters and bunting.

Download the Bake for Bogs kit

Chicken Poo Bingo

You could use our sweepstake to raise funds – by inviting your young people to donate £2 to guess where Daisy will do her business! Each person puts their name against a square, and then you can use the film to reveal the winning square, or simply pull a number out of a hat. Maybe the winning prize could be a packet of chocolate raisins?!

Download Chicken Poo Bingo

A games night

You could divide your young people into teams so they can pit their wits against each other  in a fun-filled night called ‘The Toilet Games’! Games include:

  • A toilet quiz
  • A round of ‘Pin the Flush on the Toilet’
  • A bog-themed version of the classic Beetle Drive game
  • A relay game to poop a potato (or a squishy poo emoji) into a bucket
  • And more!

Download the Toilet Games

Community badge challenge

If you’d like to go big, and try to raise £300 or more by twinning with five or more household toilets or taps, we will send you embroidered Toilet Twinning Community Badges as a special thank-you.

Uniformed groups around the UK are working hard to twin as many toilets and taps as possible. Why don’t you join them and win our badge of approval!

Order your uniformed group pack Download your uniformed group pack

Be part of it

1st Maxwell Mearns Rainbows, Brownies and Guides painted ‘piggy’ banks and collected donations at home and in the church where they meet – and raised an incredible £720.

Be part of it

1st Cundall Beavers encouraged shoppers at their local Co-op store to spend a penny for Toilet Twinning. They packed customers’ bags, held a bake sale and received donations in a full-size toilet bowl by the till.