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World Toilet Day is less than two months away!

World Toilet Day is a UN-designated day that takes place every year on 19 November. It’s the biggest day in the Toilet Twinning calendar – because, 1.7 billion people on this planet still don’t have a basic, life-saving toilet.

Could your group have a #BigPush to twin as many toilets as possible for people who don’t have toilets across the world?

Download the World Toilet Day kit today

For every £60 your group donates, you can twin with a toilet that’s been built by a family or community in Africa, Asia or Central America.

If your donation is £240 or more, you could twin with a refugee block in the Democratic Republic of Congo or Bangladesh.

Here’s why World Toilet Day matters

For two years, Ruth and her family lived in a squalid refugee camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo without any toilets or water. But then they moved to a different camp: one that has brand-new toilets and showers because they were installed in a project that Toilet Twinning helped fund!

For years, Ruth wasn’t sure she could keep her family alive. ‘Now we can protect ourselves and our children from diseases,’ she says.

Lez Jones, President of Grantham Sunrise Rotary Club, says: ‘Toilet Twinning is one of the most worthy projects that we have supported to date.’

Looking for fundraising ideas?

When it comes to toilet-related activities, we’ve come up with more ideas than you can shake a loo brush at!

Download the World Toilet Day fundraising kit and start planning your event

The Big Squat

Can you do 60 squats a day in November to raise £60 by 19th to Twin your toilet?

It’s not too late to start #TheBigSquat challenge. You can start whenever and however you like: 

  • Do a squat relay with your group – how long can you keep going?
  • Challenge your workout friend to a squat-off – who will get the highest number?
  • See if you can squat for more than a minute – set your own challenge!
Get creative with it and get sponsored to raise money to Twin your Toilet by World Toilet Day on the 19th!
Two women squat in sport wear, raising money for Toilet Twinning

A Soggy Bottoms bake sale

Who doesn’t want to eat a poo-emoji cupcake? Or a chocolate log or brownies? We’d love you to hold a toilet-themed bake sale! The World Toilet Day kit includes toilet-themed recipes, printable bunting and a Soggy Bottoms bake sale poster! Everything you need for your event to be flushed with success!

Chicken Poo Bingo

Toilet Twinning’s silly sweepstake is back! Can your group guess where Daisy the Chicken will do her do-do? Get everyone to choose a square or two, pay £2 – and then sit back and watch the film to see if you’re the Chicken Poo Bingo winner!

The Toilet Quiz

Test your toilet knowledge – or at least your ability to guess! This multiple-choice toilet-themed quiz always goes down well.

Book a Speaker for your group’s meeting

We have a fantastic UK-wide network of volunteer speakers who are equipped to give an excellent and inspiring talk about Toilet Twinning. If you’d like to book a Speaker for your group meeting, please do get in touch:

Paying-in details

Once your group is ready to donate, you can make a BACS transfer to us online (please include your school’s name as a reference):

Account name      Toilet Twinning
Bank      Barclays
Account      53798860
Sort code      20-00-00

Alternative, you can send a cheque (payable to ‘Toilet Twinning’) to:
Toilet Twinning, 1052–1054 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH7 6DS.

We won’t automatically send out twinning certificates – so if you want to put Toilet Twinning certificates in your school loos, please get in touch to tell us how many you need and if you want the school name on each of them.

If you raise £240, don’t forget that you can twin with a school block in Mozambique, Malawi, Nigeria or Tanzania – or a refugee block in Bangladesh or DRC.

Toilet Twinned Towns

Several groups are currently working towards Toilet Twinned Village, Toilet Twinned Town and Toilet Twinned City status. To achieve this special accolade, you’ll need to fly the flag for safe, decent loos by involving a local dignitary and twinning several toilets in key places.

Ask us for more details today!

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Devon Hospital nurses

Devon hospital nurses

At one Devon hospital nurses marked World Toilet Day by inviting staff and visitors to spend a penny, try a poo cake, play fishing for floaters or take on the toilet squat challenge!

Devon hospital nurses

The Dartmoor Bog Trekkers

The Dartmoor Bog Trekkers

The Dartmoor Bog Trekkers are a group of friends from Devon who come together for hikes led by Peter, a qualified Mountain Leader. Peter donates his time: his fellow hikers donate to Toilet Twinning.

The Dartmoor Bog Trekkers