Community Groups

Can you and your group twin your toilets at home, at the place where you meet, or as give-aways to schools, community spaces, businesses or council offices across your local community?

Water and sanitation projects enable families to build a toilet, have access to clean water, and to learn about handwashing and other hygiene principles. The lack of a toilet makes women and girls particularly vulnerable:

  • Women and girls risk being attacked or bitten by snakes as they go to the toilet in the open
  • Girls drop out of school when they reach teenage years if the school doesn’t have decent toilets and changing rooms
  • Dignity is restored when the whole family can use a private, hygienic toilet at their home and doesn’t have to squat in the bush.

Watch this film to see how Toilet Twinning is flushing away fear:


If you’re planning to serve up mince pies or mulled wine during one of your meetings, how about asking people to donate to Toilet Twinning? Download a collecting box template. Or how about a Toilet Twinning display in a December meeting to encourage people to twin their loos, or twin someone else’s loo as a gift, this Christmas? Ask us for a Make a Stand kit if you’d like to create a display. Or, if you’re planning a Christmas meal out together, could you give up your pudding? Save your waistline from a few extra pounds, and save a few pounds that could help provide a toilet for a family in poverty! You can donate your Christmas dessert here.

Toilet Twinned Towns

Many groups, including large networks such as the Soroptimists and Inner Wheel, love the way that Toilet Twinning champions women and girls. Several groups are currently spearheading Toilet Twinned VillageToilet Twinned Town and Toilet Twinned City challenges to twin several toilets in key places, and fly the flag for safe, decent loos that save lives.


A number of Rotary clubs are involved in fundraising challenges to raise funds for Toilet Twinning.

Lez Jones, President of Grantham Sunrise Rotary Club, says: “Toilet Twinning is one of the most worthy projects that we have supported to date.”

Inner Wheel

Eleanor Rennie, secretary of Falkirk Inner Wheel, wrote a poem about Toilet Twinning that became the winning poem to represent Great Britain and Ireland at the international conference in Melbourne in April, 2018:

“Water , water everywhere
Nor any drop to drink”
These words seem like a paradox
They make us stop and think.
We take it so for granted.
We use it without thought
But what of those less fortunate
Where water can’t be got?
None to wash your hands with
No modern sanitation.
A human right we all deserve
From nation unto nation.

Then Toilet Twinning came to mind
As something we could do
By raising funds and giving aid
To those without a loo!
So let’s remember all of those
Who live, but might have died,
Because their sanitation needs
Have now been satisfied
If we can help through what we give,
Then there will be, we feel
A long and lasting legacy
Left by The Inner Wheel.


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