Community Groups

So many community groups are twinning so many loos in so many ways: having fun as they help change the world. How about a dance or a dinner or a run or an exhibition?

Many groups fundraise around issues they’re passionate about. Some are motivated by the fact that water and sanitation issues hit women and girls hardest: lack of a loo forces women out into the bush, threatening their dignity and security. Others have been inspired by how proper toilets have reversed school drop-out rates, especially for girls.

Your group will be moved by Bawili’s story of how her daughter was attacked in the DRC because there was no toilet at home…

Or there’s the powerful story of Ericaine… She fled a militia attack in Central African Republic and took shelter in a displacement camp without clean water or proper toilets. She gave birth as she hid in the bush.


Soroptimists around the UK have taken up the Toilet Twinned Town and Toilet Twinned City challenges.

Chester Soroptimists ensured their city was crowned the first Toilet Twinned City in the UK. Meanwhile, Dundee Soroptimists won their city the first Toilet Twinned City award to be presented in Scotland.


The Rotary Club of Northwich Vale Royal raised funds for toilets at its annual Charity Scooter Rally – by inviting people to donate loose change as they queued up at the portable toilets. Its collecting bowls were, of course, toilets bearing the invitation: ‘Now spend a penny with us and provide toilets for those who have none – loose change only.’

Inner Wheel

Burnham in Buckinghamshire recently became a Toilet Twinned Village – thanks in great part to the enthusiasm of the local Inner Wheel Club. They twinned a series of public buildings through fundraisers, including a donkey derby. Inner Wheel President Beryl Senior said, ‘We have learnt a great deal about toilets while helping those who are in less fortunate situations than us in Burnham!’

Keep fit groups

Fitness trainer Julia Willmott and ten ladies at her Bliss Health Retreat in Petersfield raised enough to twin six toilets – as they zumba’d their hearts out, followed by Pilates, stretching and meditation.


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