Harvest Covid-19 appeal

We’ve launched Tap Twinning in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and we’ve had an incredible response from churches.

Scientists are warning that Covid-19 will have a devastating effect on poorer communities and our partners are hard at work to help vulnerable people protect themselves.

To equip you with a worldwide perspective on the pandemic, and how the church is responding globally, here’s a PowerPoint for a ‘service’, prayer time or small group reflection.

Twin your church toilets

Help provide clean water, proper toilets and hygiene training to people living in poverty.

  • Dedicate a Sunday service to toilet poverty around World Toilet Day (19 November)
  • Hold a loo-themed event such as a Blue for the Loo day, or a Soggy Bottoms bake sale
  • Create a display to explain Toilet Twinning and encourage others to twin their toilets

Could you show this film to your church – of Katy, a schoolgirl from the UK, interacting with Monica, a schoolgirl in Zambia? Katy donated her Christmas presents to Toilet Twinning because she wanted to make a stand for justice and change someone’s life forever:

One donation at a time from Toilet Twinning.

St Mark’s Biggin Hill

St Mark’s Biggin Hill raised more than £1,800 by flying the twinning flag across their community, including talks with their local MP.


St Gabriel’s

Young people aged 4-11 led the way in St Gabriel’s fundraising drive with toilet roll money boxes, toilet-themed cakes, and a Blue for the Loo day in church.