Twin your church toilets

We are truly humbled by all the support we receive from churches across the UK.

If you’d like to twin some toilets, you could… 

  • dedicate a Sunday service to toilet poverty
  • put on a loo-themed event such as a Blue for the Loo day, or a Soggy Bottoms bake sale
  • create a display at the back of church

For a donation of £60, you can twin one of your church toilets with a household latrine in a country of your choosing. Or, for a donation of £240, you can twin your church toilets with a toilet block.

Dates for your diary

Harvest is an ideal time of year for a service about God’s blessings.

World Toilet Day is on 19 November. You could choose the Sunday before (17 November) or the Sunday after (24 November) for a special focus on Toilet Twinning, and God’s abundant blessings.

Inspiration for your church

From disease and debt…

Sita lives in Ivory Coast. In her village, no-one had toilets until a few years ago: the smell was terrible, and disease spread rapidly. Sita’s children were constantly sick – but Sita couldn’t afford to buy medicines, and her debts with the health centre mounted up. ‘We felt hopeless; trapped. We didn’t want to live anymore,’ she says.

…to health and hope

Toilet Twinning’s partner started teaching families about hygiene and sanitation, and showed them how and where to build toilets. Now Sita has a toilet at her home, her family are healthy and debt free – and the children are going to school.

Here’s a film of Sita’s inspirational story:

This PowerPoint gives you a great starting point for a church talk.

Get your youth group involved

Your young people could be the key to twinning your church toilets. We have a youth pack with loads of different ideas for fundraising.

Get ready for harvest


Download Fundraising Pack

St Mark’s Biggin Hill

St Mark’s Biggin Hill raised more than £1,800 by flying the twinning flag across their community, including talks with their local MP.


St Gabriel’s

Young people aged 4-11 led the way in St Gabriel’s fundraising drive with toilet roll money boxes, toilet-themed cakes, and a Blue for the Loo day in church.