Help increase equality for women and girls by twinning a tap for International Women’s Day on the 8th March or World Water Day on March 22nd. 

Here’s why it all matters

Lack of access to drinking water, means missing out on school for Bridget… 

Bridget lives in south-west Uganda. She has four sisters. Her father is a banana farmer and Bridget often helps him in the plantation. 

Every day Bridget walks to a spring to fetch water. The water is contaminated by animal and human waste from household toilets that have been built in the wrong place. 

Two young teenage girls are laughing at the camera. Wearing dark vivid blue school uniform.

Bridget ( L) and her sister, Ndago Primary School, Uganda.

During assembly at Bridget’s school, children are chosen to go and fetch water from a spring quite far away. Often, by the time they get back to school classes have already started. Children are getting left behind in their education every day.  

Thankfully, due to people twinning their taps a tap-stand has now been installed at Bridget’s school so that pupils now have clean water on site and don’t have to miss their lessons anymore! 

Twin a Tap today

For every £60 your church donates, you can twin one of your taps with a tap-stand in Zambia, Uganda, Nepal, Malawi, Kenya, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil or Afghanistan.


Interactive ideas, films, statistics and Bible notes for you to use with your congregation and children’s groups. Resources to teach about gender equality, water poverty, justice and God’s love for everyone equally around the world. 

Run an all-age service for International Women’s Day or World Water Day

You’ll find in the resources column…

  • An introduction to Tap Twinning PowerPoint with beautiful photos and global water facts 
  • An interactive story (with actions) to educate and engage younger children 
  • A Sermon on how water in the Bible teaches us about trusting God 
  • The full story of Bridget and her family in Uganda – Uganda case study
  • A moving film of Bridget’s story

Throw the spotlight on water poverty with your children’s groups: 

  • Tell the story of Bridget and her family in Uganda 
  • Consider God’s abundant blessings – and what it means for us to be a blessing to others (2 Corinthians 9:8, Psalm 103:2)
  • Use the interactive story and questions sheet 
  • Show the video of Bridget’s story

Book a Speaker 

We have a fantastic UK-wide network of volunteer speakers who are equipped to give an excellent and inspiring talk about Tap Twinning. Please get in touch if you’d like to book a Speaker for your church. 

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Paying-in details

Your church can make a BACS transfer to us online (please include your church’s name as a reference):

Account name     Toilet Twinning
Bank      Barclays
Account     53798860
Sort code     20-00-00

Alternative, you can send a cheque (payable to ‘Toilet Twinning’) to: Toilet Twinning, 1052–1054 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH7 6DS.

We won’t automatically send out twinning certificates – so if you want to put Toilet Twinning certificates in your church toilets, please get in touch to tell us how many you need and if you want the church’s name on each of them.

If you raise £240, don’t forget that you can twin with a refugee block in DRC or Bangladesh. 

If you’d like more ideas or practical advice and support for your church spotlight on Toilet Twinning, please get in touch. We’re here to help! 

Send us a wee email at: [email protected]

St Mark’s Biggin Hill

St Mark’s Biggin Hill raised more than £1,800 by flying the twinning flag across their community, including talks with their local MP.


St Mary's Ely

Through personal gifts, church offerings and sponsored challenges, St Mary’s Ely raised more than £10,000 for Toilet Twinning in a year. As part of the fundraiser, two brothers walked 500 miles that summer.