When churches reach out in love to those in need, stories are shared; communities are transformed; lives are saved.

New toilet, new life!

For our Lent focus – All Things New – we focus on courageous women in poor countries who step beyond cultural barriers to make life-saving changes in their communities.

This film tells the story of Bawili whose daughter was attacked in the Democratic Republic of Congo because there was no toilet at home – and how the community reached out in life to transform everything for the family…

This Powerpoint features the story of Bawili and tells how Kanchana overcame cultural restrictions and became a powerful voice for change in rural Pakistan. She convinced all the women in her village that they needed toilets and they encouraged their husbands to get digging! Now everyone in the village has a loo: there is much less sickness and the women have privacy and safety.

Your Sunday services

We have created some reflective material for the Sundays in Lent to encourage your congregation to give and pray. You could then celebrate Easter by twinning your church loo…

Get your youth group involved

Your young people could be the key to twinning your church toilets! We have a youth pack with loads of different ideas for fundraising.

Giving up and giving out

Lent invites us to give up something, like chocolate or caffeine. If your church members decide to do this, and it saves them money, could you encourage them to donate what they save to Toilet Twinning? Just think – £1.50 a day over 40 days of Lent adds up to £60 – enough to twin a loo!

Ask for your fundraising pack today!

Bethnal Green Mission Church

The kids from Bethnal Green Mission Church decorated bedpans to collect donations!