Let justice roll on like a river

We are truly humbled by all the support we receive from churches across the UK.

You could hold a special Sunday service with a focus on justice and toilet poverty, or ask your youth group to hold a toilet-themed event, or encourage a prayer breakfast with an opportunity for some arty craft using loo rolls – the list is endless!

Dates for your diary

Harvest is an ideal time of year for a service about God’s provision.

Or you might like to focus on Toilet Twinning for World Toilet Day (19 November).

Here’s a film about how the lack of toilets makes women particularly vulnerable:

Here’s a film about how a church project encouraged a whole village to build toilets:

This PowerPoint gives you a great starting point for a church talk.

This leaflet gives you more information about our work in Zambia.

Church Twinning

For a limited time only – your church can twin its toilets with church toilets in Zambia.

Our partner, Brethren in Christ Church, is working with incredibly poor villages to provide them with access to clean water and to teach them about the importance of building toilets at home.

Church pastors at Brethren in Christ Church in Hamubbwatu say, ‘Now we have toilets at church, more people feel free to come to church on Sunday because they don’t have to go to the toilet in the bush and feel ashamed.’

For £240, you can twin your church toilets with church loos in Zambia. But you’ll need to get in quick! We only have a few Church Toilet Twins available, so when we run out, we will not be able to offer these again.

Get your youth group involved

Your young people could be the key to twinning your church toilets! We have a youth pack with loads of different ideas for fundraising.

Download Fundraising Pack

Christ Church

Christ Church in Cheltenham held a bacon buttie morning with support from local supermarkets, raising enough to twin 17 toilets.

Elderslie Kirk

Elderslie Kirk in Renfrewshire held a coffee morning with a quiz and toilet-themed games, including hockey with loo brushes.