When churches reach out in love to those in need, stories are shared; communities are transformed; lives are saved.

This year,  we think about the stark fact that there are more displaced people living in the world today than at any other time in human history. In Central African Republic, Ericaine and her family fled to a camp when militia destroyed their community.

Your church can change the world this Christmas

In the Advent season leading up to Christmas Day, your church could focus on the poignant story of how mother-of-five Ericaine gave birth to her youngest child in the bush, far from home, as she hid from gunfire. You could use our Advent prayer diary, and encourage your church to twin its toilets as part of this season of giving and celebration.

Get your youth group involved

Your young people could be the key to twinning your church toilets! We have a youth pack with loads of different ideas for fundraising. Could your young people hold a ‘do for a loo’ in the run up to Christmas?

Ask for your fundraising pack today!

St John’s

St John’s URC in Warrington held a ‘do for a loo’ with quizzes, games and food, and collected donations in (clean) potties!