Let justice roll on like a river

Katy is a young Toilet Twinning supporter who gave up presents one Christmas in order to raise funds. She travelled to Zambia to see what her giving means for a family living in poverty. Fourteen-year-old Monica says she was often sick, before the family built a toilet, and she would feel ashamed as she squatted in the bush. ‘I could be sick for up to two weeks in a month, and sometimes, the diarrhoea was so bad that my family had to borrow an ox cart to take me to hospital. They had to sell some of our chickens to pay for medicines.’

This PowerPoint gives you a great starting point for a church talk.

This leaflet gives you more information about our work in Zambia.


We’re brimming with festive ideas, if you’d like to give any of your Christmas activities a toilet twist!

  • Share this film from Zambia in a church service
  • Hold a festive bake sale, or ask for donations when you serve up mince pies or mulled wine after a carol service or nativity play
  • Create a Toilet Twinning display at the back of church or as part of a service?

Ask us for a Make a Stand kit if you’d like to encourage your church members to twin their loos at home.

Church Twinning

This autumn – for a limited time only – your church can twin its toilets with church toilets in Zambia.

Our partner, Brethren in Christ Church, is working with incredibly poor villages to provide them with access to clean water and to teach them about the importance of building toilets at home.

Church pastors at Brethren in Christ Church in Hamubbwatu say, ‘Now we have toilets at church, more people feel free to come to church on Sunday because they don’t have to go to the toilet in the bush and feel ashamed.’

For £240, you can twin your church toilets with church loos in Zambia. But you’ll need to get in quick! We only have a few Church Toilet Twins available, so when we run out, we will not be able to offer these again.

Get your youth group involved

Your young people could be the key to twinning your church toilets! We have a youth pack with loads of different ideas for fundraising.

Christ Church

Christ Church in Cheltenham held a bacon buttie morning with support from local supermarkets, raising enough to twin 17 toilets.

Elderslie Kirk

Elderslie Kirk in Renfrewshire held a coffee morning with a quiz and toilet-themed games, including hockey with loo brushes.