When churches reach out in love to those in need, communities are transformed.

New toilet, new life!

This film tells the story of Bawili, whose daughter was attacked in the Democratic Republic of Congo because there was no toilet at home. Everything changed when a Community Health Club was established, and neighbours learnt to work together and reach out in love to the most vulnerable people in their midst…

This Powerpoint gives you a great starting point for a church talk.


If you’re planning your Autumn services, harvest can be a great time for a service about thankfulness, and giving thanks for all that God has blessed us with. Our current harvest Powerpoint is here.

And new harvest resources are coming very soon….

World Toilet Day, 19 November

Every year, on 19 November, it’s World Toilet Day – and this can be a great time to focus on toilets, and the health, happiness and dignity that comes when a family gets their first-ever toilet.

Brand-new: Twinning with church toilets in Zambia

As a special opportunity for this Autumn only, your church could twin its toilets with church toilets in Zambia. If your church would like to have a Limited Edition church twin, you can use this form to donate.

To coincide with the limited edition launch of Church Toilet Twins, CEO Lorraine Kingsley, and her 14 year old daughter Katy, will be making a film in Zambia about the difference a toilet makes, especially for girls. This film, together with a resource kit of stories and images from Zambia, will be ready to download or order from the end of August.

We will only have a few Church Twins available, so when we run out, we will not be able to offer these again.

Get your youth group involved

Your young people could be the key to twinning your church toilets! We have a youth pack with loads of different ideas for fundraising.

Ask for your fundraising pack today!

Bethnal Green Mission Church

The kids from Bethnal Green Mission Church decorated bedpans to collect donations!