Brand-new church resources, campaigns and speaker opportunities

As your church plans its on-site services, online presence, or hybrid offering this autumn – could you get involved with a new twinning campaign – as a harvest celebration, a climate focus, or as a Christmas opportunity for giving?

Fridge Twinning & harvest

More than 40 million people are facing extreme hunger because of Covid. Lockdowns and restrictions have left millions without work and unable to feed their families.

There are no social safety nets, no food banks or furlough schemes in countries such as Afghanistan, South Sudan, Yemen and DR Congo, which are among the worst hit.

Fridge Twinning is an emergency appeal to provide food, cash vouchers and livelihoods support.

Could you twin your church’s fridge, or take up an offering, or encourage your congregation to twin their fridges at home?

Please take a look at the resources opposite that we’ve created for a Fridge Twinning service.

Bin Twinning & November

In November, the UK will host the UN climate summit, COP26, where it’s hoped world leaders will commit to urgent action to tackle the climate emergency.

Waste is a big contributor to  the climate crisis: 5% of global emissions come from the way we dispose of our waste through landfill, incineration, illegal burning and so forth.

This is damaging our planet but it’s a justice issue too. In the world’s poorest countries, a person dies every 30 seconds from diseases caused by plastic pollution and rubbish.

Toilet Twinning has launched Bin Twinning to raise funds for brand-new social enterprises that are being set up to collect waste, dispose of it safely and recycle as much as possible.

Bin Twinning has three strands: saving lives, protecting the planet and creating jobs. 

Take a look opposite at the Bin Twinning church resources. Your church can get equipped here for a Bin Twinning church service!

World Toilet Day & Christmas

Could your church twin all its toilets to help provide families living in poverty with access to toilets, clean water, and hygiene knowledge? 

  • World Toilet Day (19 November) could be a great time to talk about Toilet Twinning with your church, and hold either an offering during a service, or a fundraising quiz or event afterwards.
  • If your church usually takes up a charity offering during a Christmas service, please do consider featuring Toilet Twinning this year.

To help your church think about how the lack of toilets disproportionately affects women and girls most, here’s a film of Katy, a schoolgirl from the UK, interacting with Monica, a schoolgirl in Zambia:

Katy donated her Christmas presents to Toilet Twinning because she wanted to make a stand for justice and change someone’s life forever. Could you encourage your congregation to do the same?

One donation at a time from Toilet Twinning.

St Mark’s Biggin Hill

St Mark’s Biggin Hill raised more than £1,800 by flying the twinning flag across their community, including talks with their local MP.


St Gabriel’s

Young people aged 4-11 led the way in St Gabriel’s fundraising drive with toilet roll money boxes, toilet-themed cakes, and a Blue for the Loo day in church.