Go the Distance

20-mile challenge
Walk, run or cycle: at your own pace, in your own time
January to March 2020

Could you take on a month-long challenge to walk, run or cycle 20 miles to help end disease and despair for families living in some of the remotest places on earth?

How people are Going the Distance for 2020!

Why it matters to Go the Distance

Toilet poverty is a matter of life and death. 

When Bishwo’s mum became seriously ill, Bishwo walked 20 miles, through the night, to carry her to hospital. Doctors told him that she would have died if they’d come two hours later.


How to get started

Step 1

Sign up to the challenge

Step 2

Choose to run, walk or cycle – or do a combination!

Step 3

Choose when to do it: All in one go, spread across a week or a month or across the whole three months. The challenge finishes at the end of March.

Step 4

Set up a giving page on Virgin Money Giving: Search for ‘Toilet Twinning’ at: uk.virginmoneygiving.com

Step 5

Tell your friends and family on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Share updates – and encourage others to start the challenge too!

Step 6

Pay in your money when you’ve finished. Please do tell us if you’d like any certificates for your sponsors 

Ideas for your challenge

  • Run two miles a day for 10 days straight
  • Walk a mile a day with the dog for 20 days
  • Get a team together with friends or family and encourage everyone to sign up to a 20-mile cycle
  • Choose somewhere 20 miles away and cycle there AND back in one day!
  • Walk 20 miles every weekend for the whole three months
Sign up to find out more

Ronan raised £335 by running for lifesaving loos and he promoted Toilet Twinning on local radio, at school and at church.


Simon and friends from York got on their bikes for a three-day bike ride – with a loo seat for company! ‘The lack of sanitation worldwide is absolutely horrific. It’s wrong that we live in a world where so many children don’t have somewhere safe and clean to go to the loo.’