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What could life hold for you if you’d like to go beyond a toilet twin?

Twin Again

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Make a bigger splash

Twin your Workplace

If your work colleagues pull together on a day like World Toilet Day, you’ll soon raise £60 or more to twin your office loo with a household toilet in a poor community.

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Twin your University

Could you get your uni or college passionate about privies? Gather together a team, hold a couple of fundraising events, spread the word on campus via your student media – and see if you can reach the target of 25 twins!

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Twin your town

Have you visited 20 toilets in your locality in the last six months? Could you encourage them to twin, or do some community fundraising and twin on their behalf? If so, Toilet Twinned Town status could be yours! (Village, City and Island awards are also available)

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Corporate Sponsorship

Toilet Twinning offers a flexible suite of products to suit any business size, and we can tailor a campaign to fit with the amount you’re looking to donate. Our PR and Media Department can work with you to ensure the best coverage available on social media, in local press and in trade magazines.

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Get your group involved

Community Groups

Is your group is looking to raise funds for a life-changing project?

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Looking for service ideas, small group resources or sermon notes?

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Want some fundraising resources, or an assembly presentation, or Charity of the Year ideas?

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Youth Groups

Is your youth group up for a fundraising challenge?

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Uniformed Groups

Could you twin where you meet? Or go for a community badge award?

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Could you achieve a special award for your college or Uni?

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Go the distance!

Could you take on our Go The Distance challenge to walk, run or cycle to help end disease and despair for families living in some of the remotest places on earth?

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Be part of it

Skelmersdale became the UK’s first Toilet Twinned Town through a successful campaign that drew in schools, churches, businesses and community groups. The congregation of St Paul’s led the charge with Toilet Twins being donated to prominent local places to spread awareness. ‘Toilet Twinning’s a fun way to make a difference and tackle a really serious global issue.’

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