School sports days are cancelled, and the world’s best sportspeople aren’t competing in Japan this summer… so we thought we’d grab the baton and bring the Summer Games 2020 to a garden near you!

Do you fancy holding a garden party with a few friends or neighbours*, and raise some funds for a Toilet Twin or two?

*(please check for current Government guidelines on the maximum number of people permitted to gather outside where you live)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a date. You could go for the original Japan dates of 24 July – 9 August, or choose any day that works for you.
  2. Send out the invites. We’ve created a template for you here.
  3. Set up an online fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving and ask people to pay an entry fee of £5
  4. Choose your heats, such as loo-roll shot put, loo-brush javelin and
  5. Ask everyone to bring their own food and drinks
  6. Observe current government guidelines regarding social distancing – please be safe
  7. Raise lots of money on your online giving page, or take donations and then pay in by BACS, quoting the reference Games. (See paying in details below).
  8. Want to hold a more socially-distanced event across different gardens? Decide which events everyone will take part in, and ask everyone to perform them separately and record their scores. Then come together to find out where everyone’s come in the league table, and enjoy a zoom prizegiving!

What you’ll need:

  1. Invites
  2. A list of games
  3. Podium kit of make-your-own certificates and medals
  4. From around your home:
    • Buckets
    • New loo brush
    • Loo rolls
    • Timer / stop watch
    • Measuring tape
    • Potatoes
    • Tennis balls
    • Football
    • Skipping rope

The Toilet Games

These are just ideas! Feel free to use all of them, or none of them, and if you make up your own, please tell us your great ideas, or post your party pics on social media. We’d love to see the fun and games you get up to!

  1. Loo roll shotpot
  2. Loo brush javelin
  3. 10 laps around the garden
  4. Standing long jump
  5. Skip for the loo my darling!
  6. Potato pooping in a bucket relay race
  7. Loo roll bowling
  8. Tennis Balls in a bucket relay
  9. Dribbling a football around loo roll cones
  10. Loo roll keepie uppies
  11. Water race, holding a bucket of water on your head.
  12. Egg and spoon race becomes loo roll-and-loo brush race!

Other game ideas for your garden party:

  • Pin the flush on the toilet
  • Bog drive

The rules

  1. Loo roll shotput
    Place the loo roll at your neck with your elbow up, bend your back leg and see how far you can throw the loo roll, 3 attempts allowed
  2. Loo brush javelin
    From a standing position throw the loo brush overhead and see how far it can travel, 3 attempts allowed
  3. Run 10 laps around the garden
    Time each competitor running 10 laps of the garden and see who has the quickest time.
  4. Standing long jump
    The competitor stands behind a line marked on the ground with feet slightly apart. A two foot take-off and landing is used, with swinging of the arms and bending of the knees to provide forward drive. Three attempts are allowed.
  5. Skip for the loo my darling!
    How many skips can each competitor complete in a minute
  6. Potato pooping in a bucket relay race
    Rules for this are written in the party pack
  7. Loo roll bowling
    Stack loo rolls to make a pyramid, using another loo roll for the ball see how many you can knock down with 2 throws.
  8. Tennis Balls in a bucket relay
  9. Dribbling a football around loo roll cones
    Set out five loo roll ‘cones’ in a straight line approx 1 footstep apart from each other. Time competitors as they dribble a football in and out of the cones going up and back.
  10. Loo roll keepie uppies
    How many ‘keepie uppies’ can you do? You need to keep the toilet roll in the air by kicking it up with your feet.
  11. Water race
    Complete 5 laps around the garden, holding a bucket of water on your head. The person with the most water left in their bucket wins. For an added splash you could add some obstacles to your course.
  12. Egg and spoon race becomes Loo roll-and-Loo brush race!
    Balance a loo roll on a loo brush and see how fast you can get from one side of the garden to the other.

Paying in details

We recommend you set up a Virgin Money Giving page for people to make donations to, this will then come directly to us.

Alternatively you can make a BACS transfer quoting the reference ‘Games‘.
Please do email us at to let us know you have made a transfer.

Account: Toilet Twinning
Bank: Barclays
Account: 53798860
Sort Code: 20-00-00

Or you can make a payment by cheque (payable to Toilet Twinning) and send it to:

Toilet Twinning
1052-1054 Christchurch Road




Poodium kit