We’re hoping dads around the country will be flushed with pride this Father’s Day

Giving your father a Toilet Twin is such a fantastic way to transform the lives of mums, dads and children living in some of the poorest places on the planet.

Simquambo, a dad in Zambia, is over the moon with his loo. When Toilet Twinning helped Simquambo build a toilet for his family in Zambia, his children’s health improved dramatically. Before, the family used to go to the toilet in the open, and Simquambo’s children often fell sick.

‘When you’re a dad, you’re meant to be able to protect your children,’ he says.  ‘All dads should build toilets for their families!’

A Toilet Twinning donation is £60. We know £60 is beyond most people’s Father’s Day budget – so invite your siblings to chip in too. You can choose the country of your dad’s toilet twin and you can even add a personalised greeting.

Disclaimer: Toilet Twinning cannot be held responsible if your dad starts spending longer in the loo, admiring his certificate…