Congo Challenge 2021

Could you walk, run or cycle as part of a sporty challenge to complete 5,000 miles by World Toilet Day on 19 November? Every mile counts towards our combined total so let’s work together to reach DRC!

Why toilets are a matter of life and death

Sango’s family in the DRC often used to fall sick because they had no toilet. ‘The children didn’t go to school, we didn’t have enough food, and had little respect within the community,’ Sango says.

The family sold everything – including their beds and plates – to pay their medical bills – but still it wasn’t enough to stop one of their children dying of diarrhoea.

But now they have a proper toilet and a tippy tap and their health has improved: they can farm, go to school and eat three meals a day. Sango says: ‘Big changes have taken place in our household: diseases no longer appear.’

How to get started

Step 1: Sign up here and we’ll send you a link to join our Challenge Hound page where you will be able to log your mileage and track how far we’ve got.

Step 2: Set up a fundraising page on Just Giving

Step 3: Share updates of your activity on social media – and encourage others to sign up too!

Step 4: Donate your funds at the end of the challenge via the website or by BACS. (Any money raised on Just Giving will come directly to us.)

Step 5: Ask us for Toilet Twinning certificates to give to any of your sponsors who donate £60 or more.


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