As your church plans its on-site services, online presence, or hybrid offering – could Fridge Twinning be part of your autumn programme? 

More than 40 million people are facing extreme hunger because of Covid’s economic impact. Lockdowns and restrictions have left millions without work and unable to feed their families.

Some – in the poorest nations on earth – are on the brink of starvation.

Fridge Twinning is an emergency appeal to provide food, cash vouchers and livelihoods support.

Could you twin your church’s fridge, or take up an offering, or encourage your congregation to twin their fridges at home?

A Harvest spotlight on Fridge Twinning could involve: 

  • A 10-minute talk in church, supported by the sermon notes and PPT presentation 
  • Supporting both local and global charities at the same time by taking an offering that is split between your local foodbank and Fridge Twinning 
  • A simple fundraising lunch or dinner 
  • An invitation for your congregation to donate the equivalent of their weekly shopping bill 

Do get in touch if you’d like leaflets for your congregation too. 

A harvest spotlight

Twin your fridge