This Christmas, why don’t you give a loved one a Twinning present they will never forget?

With Toilet Twinning, you can give the gift of a clean loo

A toilet protects people’s health so they can work their land and provide food on the table. It enables children to be healthy enough to go to school. A toilet also saves women and girls from the risk of attack, late at night – as  it protects them from having to go to the toilet in the bush in the dark.

For £45, you can twin a loved one’s toilet with a household latrine. For £80, a special Toilet Twinning gift box will include:

  • Toilet Twinning certificate
  • Toilet Twinning soap bar
  • Toilet Twinning loo roll

Twin for Christmas today!

With Tap Twinning, you can get involved in our urgent Coronavirus appeal

Covid-19 makes life even more precarious for the poorest, most vulnerable people on the planet,

This Christmas, you can give a Tap Twin that will enable a community to have handwashing stations and receive ongoing advice about how to stop the spread of coronavirus.

For £60, you can twin a loved one’s tap with a ‘tippy tap’. For £80, you can give a special Tap Twinning gift set that includes:

  • Tap Twinning certificate
  • Toilet Twinning soap bar
  • Toilet Twinning loo roll

Twin for Christmas today!

Bin Twinning is brand new! It’s a way to save lives, protect the planet and create dignified jobs.  

2 billion people don’t have their rubbish collected – and a person dies every 30 seconds from a disease linked to plastic pollution.

By giving someone a Bin Twin this Christmas, your donation will help support social enterprises that are setting up rubbish collections and recycling plastic.

Donate £45, and your loved one will receive a Bin Twinning sticker that shows a photo of an enterprise at work in Pakistan, Haiti, Uganda or Nigeria.

Twin a bin today!

Or, if you can go in with other family members and stretch to £95, you can give a Bin Twinning gift set that is a presentation folder containing THREE Bin Twinning stickers (two for inside bins and one for their wheelie bin). Your gift will support projects in Pakistan, Haiti and Uganda.