Caledonia Washroom Services

What we do

Caledonia Washroom Services have been supplying and supporting Scottish businesses since 2008 with simple contracts, stylish equipment and reliable service, making for hassle-free washrooms. We have grown our business through referral from clients across Scotland and beyond.  We carry a wide range of products and systems to suit any business and any budget. We create a bespoke washroom system around your business not ours.

Why and how we support Toilet Twinning

We care about others, and we care about our environment and our future, both locally and globally. We are delighted to have partnered with Toilet Twinning so that every customer can ‘twin’ their toilets if they so wish. Over the course of a year, £5 a month will build a toilet with clean water and provide hygiene education to the local community; £20 a month will build a complete toilet block for a school.