About Cafedral

Cafedral serves home-made food that meets all dietary needs without compromising on taste and freshness – our scones are made every morning and any left at closing time are given to the Salvation Army for their drop-in café for the homeless.  We also make stunningly good coffee, hot chocolate and teas too!

Our customers span the generations and on a typical day we’ll have a mix of locals, students, lecturers and tourists alike enjoying the quirkiness of Cafedral.

Why and how we support Toilet Twinning

We support Toilet Twinning because people shouldn’t suffer for the lack of a loo and an understanding of hand hygiene, especially when providing these cost so little. We love that the loos are built using local materials, so people on the ground who are inspired by Toilet Twinning’s pioneering work can replicate it cost-effectively.

We match fund any donations we receive and the 20+ pictures of twinned loos on display in our loo are a talking point amongst our guests. We know from these conversations that many customers have gone on the twin their own loos too. So it’s win-win at every turn!