Blue for the loo

A ‘Blue for the Loo’ day is a simple way to involve everyone in fundraising, whether you’re a school, church, community group or workplace.

Everyone donates £1 or £2 to Toilet Twinning and wears something (or everything!) blue. You could even order in some blue wigs!

Get creative… and competitive

Why not turn your ‘Blue for the Loo’ day into a fancy dress contest? You could appoint a Privy Council to judge entries and award prizes.

You could go one further and invite people to create an accessory out of toilet paper, eg a hat or a piece of jewellery. Again, the most creative entry could win a prize…

Blue food?

Why not  hold a Soggy Bottom bake sale on a blue theme and disprove the theory that we don’t like blue foods? Who could resist a cupcake with our very own (blue) Loo-uis logo on the top?

Our Bake for Bogs kit provides all you need to plan a Soggy Bottoms bake sale, including a poster, recipes and extra ideas to run alongside your culinary creations.

For example, you could hold a ‘Guess the weight of the toilet cake’ contest – if you know a talented baker willing to create a large poo emoji cup cake or a blue cake in the shape of a toilet!)

Talking of which… any cake will do – but if you fancy going down the poo-themed route, you can download our recipes for (non-blue) poo emoji cupcakes, brownies or chocolate log to create an unforgettable spread!

Spark a revo-loo-tion

Post pictures of your ‘Blue for the Loo’ day on your social media accounts and tag us @toilettwinning (Facebook) or @toilet_twinning (Instagram). Every post helps spread the word and lets more people know about the wonders of twinning!

Dig deeper

Could you combine your ‘Blue for the Loo’ day with a Toilet Party or some Splash, Dash, Spin or Stride sponsored sportiness?