About us

As an organisation, we’ve aligned our sustainability strategy to eleven of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Goal number 6 is Clean Water and Sanitation, and goal number 17 is Partnerships for the Goals, in recognition that we achieve far much more by working together.

How we support Toilet Twinning

We felt that the Toilet Twinning initiative was a perfect way to support both these goals, and set out an ambitious vision to get all our toilets twinned. Our employees have been energised and inspired by this thought-provoking initiative! An employee at our Lee Mill depot was so enthusiastic that she did a sponsored head-shave for Toilet Twinning! We’ve played Chicken-poo bingo, sold cakes, held fundraising quizzes and far more. We’re proud that we’ve twinned 29 toilets so far, and we love seeing the certificates proudly displayed in bathrooms around our depots and offices. We hope to twin far more as time goes by. For more information about how we support the other goals, do have a look at