Auckland Plumbers Group

Raised to date: £540

About Auckland Plumbers Group:

Trading as Arrow Plumbing & Gas and Auckland Plumbers Group, we offer plumbing, gasfitting, drainlaying and roofing services to the greater Auckland region of New Zealand. From new-builds, kitchen and bathroom renovations, through to plumbing and roofing maintenance, we offer a comprehensive range of services to both the commercial and domestic sectors. We even twin toilets!

Auckland Plumbers Group Limited wishes to build ongoing relationships with new and existing customers. As a business, we want to be shown to be involved with industry education and career training opportunities, including corporate and social responsibility.

Why and how we support TT:

We see Toilet Twinning as a worthwhile charity that aligns so very well with our industry. Along with our professional aptitude and expertise, the humanitarian aspect of Toilet Twinning makes us look approachable, trustworthy and reliable as a business.

We now ‘twin’ every new toilet installation at no cost to our customers. Once the charity’s goals are explained and how ‘twinning’ works, it’s a cause that our customers can relate to. It has minimal impact on our bottom line as well (please excuse the dad-joke!).

Using the toilet is something that we take for granted. We hope to raise the profile of the charity in New Zealand and trust that other businesses and individuals will see that even simple sanitation can have a massive impact on so many lives.

We are proud to support this worthwhile cause. We run advertising campaigns, promote ‘Everyday Toilet Deals’, have banners in our email signatures and dedicated pages on our websites – all singing the virtues of Toilet Twinning. We have even twinned the three toilets in our offices.