Every year, 443 million school days are lost due to water and sanitation issues – either because children are too sick to attend school, or because they have to walk long distances to fetch water.

Children need to finish school in order to get a job and break the grinding cycle of generational poverty. And toilets are absolutely key to this. Since Rachel’s family built a toilet with handwashing facilities, Rachel’s grades have improved because she hardly ever misses a day of school.

Want to take on a 4-4-3 Challenge this year? Choose your trio of sporting goals and help raise money to flush away poverty.

Step 1

Create your sporty triathlon from the activities below – or by choosing anything else that springs to mind!

Step 2

Choose whether to measure your 4-4-3 activity combo by units, lengths, minutes, hours, kilometres or miles – and whether to complete each activity daily, weekly or monthly.

Here’s a challenge we made earlier:

If you’re looking for an extreme 443 challenge, you could consider:

Step 3

Set up a fundraising page online:

Virgin Money Giving

Just Giving

or go old school with pen and paper and download our sponsorship form here.

Step 4

When you’ve finished your 443 Challenge, why don’t you celebrate in style! If you manage to raise £240, let us know and we’ll happily send you a T-shirt. Get to £480, and you can ask us for a mug too!

As a small print aside, if you’re after more than one of these items because your 443 Challenge has been a group effort, give us a call, and we’ll be as nice as we can be (but we can’t promise to be able to give you exactly what you’re after as stocks are limited!)