St Albans becomes a Toilet Twinned City!

Have you heard of the Soroptimists?

They are a global movement of volunteers who Educate, Empower and Enable opportunities for women and girls. They’ve been supporting Toilet Twinning for years.

On Monday 14th November the St Albans Soroptimist Club celebrated the accolade of becoming a Toilet Twinned City! 

This special event was the pinnacle of a project that began in 2015. 

‘Soroptimist Clubs have long used special days like World Water Day 22 March and World Toilet Day 19 November as a focus for action and fundraising because we understand the importance of sanitation and toilets globally.’ 

To become a Toilet Twinned Town there are many toilet milestones that have to be achieved. Including: actions to involve local government and media and clocking up at least 30 toilet twins across your community in a range of categories: 

  • Churches or other faith communities
  • Schools or other educational establishments
  • Public toilets
  • Cafes, pubs or restaurants
  • Local businesses or employers 
  • Community organisations / charities

Owners of some of the 30 twins across St Albans gathered together for the Soroptimists celebrations. Individual twins also bought their certificates along join in the fun. 

‘On the evening we were able to present our last 4 certificates to make up the 30 they needed to become a Toilet Twinned Town. To a local theatre, a school, a pub and the Community and Cycling hub.’ 

How did they do it? 

‘We fundraised for some of the certificates by holding table top bottle sales at our meetings and having Toilet Twinning collecting boxes in our loos. Some organisations and individuals fundraised to buy their own certificates.’

Jane Slatter, the St Albans Club Communications Officer said,

‘thanks so much to everyone who has supported this campaign – our Members and supporters who helped us to keep going so that we can all be here today to celebrate.’

‘There are probably many more than 30 twinned loos in St Albans – we just don’t know about them all!’

Read more about St Albans Soroptimists and see lots of photos from their celebrations on their website. 

Could you lead a Toilet Twinned Revo-loo-tion and inspire your village, town or city to reach the giddy heights of Twinning status?

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