Have you ever heard of a VIP loo?

Chaal is a 30 year old mother of 6. She lives in the Alari refugee settlement in South Sudan. The settlement is home to more than 3,000 Ethiopian refugees who fled their country in 2004.

The settlement has no borehole or access to water. The lack of access to clean water coupled with open defecation exposes residents to diseases and illness.

Toilet Twinning has funded the construction of the first ever pit latrine in the area. A Ventilated Improved Pit latrine, literally is a VIP loo! 

Lady stands with arms outstretched next to the cream outside wall of a toilet

Chaal stands next to the new VIP loo!

Very Important Protection 

Toilets aren’t just a practical solution. They are a safe solution to improve people’s lives. Chaal and her community now don’t have to go to the bush to go to the toilet. They don’t have to risk attacks, can avoid dangerous wildlife and can feel confident using a safe toilet! 

With proper toilets in place hygiene has improved in the refugee settlement and disease is decreasing. The knock-on effect of just one toilet being built for the improved health and wellness of a community is huge! 

Very Important People 

Toilet Twinning’s partners are working with community hygiene promoters within the Alari refugee settlement to educate others on the importance of hygiene and using a proper toilet.

As awareness of sanitation education increases the living conditions and health of people now using the toilet also improves. 

Very Importantly (reducing) Poverty 

With less people getting sick from diseases spread by dirty water and untreated sewage more people can work consistently. More families are able to provide income for food, healthcare and education. 

As children’s health improves so does the rate of education – children no longer have to miss school because of illnesses. And, confidence and self-worth also increases. With access to a safe, clean toilet you take better care of yourself. 


As Toilet Twinning continues to raise money to build toilets with families, schools and communities in many places across the world, we know that all loos are VIPs! 

You can twin your Toilet today.