How providing a loo for the family made a dad proud

As a dad, Kayeba is proud of being able to provide for his family.
But until recently, his children were regularly falling sick with diarrhoea and typhoid, and Kayeba didn’t know why.
Kayeba’s first wife left him after three months of marriage – because they had no toilet. His second wife, Nyota, felt humiliated by the neighbours’ taunts when they spotted her squatting outdoors. In South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, where they live, if you don’t have a toilet, open defecation is your only option.
Kayeba built a makeshift toilet when the village chief told everyone to – but it wasn’t safe or hygienic. Kayeba admits he didn’t really see the point.
But when a local water and sanitation team visited his home and explained the link between bad toilets and bad health, everything changed.
‘Straightaway, I built a new hygienic latrine that we have now been using for six months,’ he says. ‘Now I realise the importance of having a latrine.’
Kayeba’s proud to say his family are healthy and the neighbours respect them. Their plot is clean and they no longer spend all their money on medicine. And it’s something practical and life-changing that Kayeba’s been able to do himself, with support from Toilet Twinning.