Bishwo's lightbulb moment and toilet open day in Nepal

Without a toilet, Bishwo’s mother almost died of diarrhoea. It took a whole day for her to reach hospital: Bishwo had to carry Purna 20 miles on his back. They live in a remote village, high in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. ‘The doctor told us if we’d waited much longer, we’d have lost our mother,’ he says.

When Bishwo attended sanitation workshops run by Toilet Twinning’s local partner, he had a lightbulb moment. He realised his makeshift latrine was contaminating a stream the family used for drinking water.

He used part of his pension and sold two goats to pay for a proper brick toilet next to his home – and invited all his neighbours to his Toilet Open Day. He told them outright they should build a loo too. And many have done just that.

‘Now this toilet is my guarantee of old age!’ Bishwo says.