Urgent appeal to protect poor communities from coronavirus

Toilet Twinning is launching an urgent appeal for people to ‘twin their tap’ – to fund a global handwashing and hygiene programme being set up in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Partners in more than 45 countries are putting all their efforts now into promoting good hygiene, to teach the importance of handwashing, how to limit the spread of Covid-19 and how to treat those who become infected.

A global network of more than 250 partners are using all means possible: everything from local radio to social media, from webinars to working with community leaders. Health promotion resources are also being translated into local languages and distributed to community groups.

This is vital in poor communities where people don’t have easy access to healthcare and state support, and their immune systems are already weakened by malnutrition and disease.

Toilet Twinning, which is part of Tearfund, is now inviting people to twin their tap for a donation of £60.

Toilet Twinning CEO Lorraine Kingsley says:

‘As we have seen with Ebola, fear and misinformation spread fast during health crises: already, false rumours are circulating about coronavirus being linked to “chemical warfare”. That’s why Tearfund partners are working with local church and community leaders, who have authority and people’s trust, to endorse and help spread hygiene messaging.

‘Our partners’ links with a network of 15,000 local churches mean these messages can reach even communities in strict lockdown, or in countries like Ivory Coast where a state of emergency has been declared.’