The Rohingya people lost everything when they fled violence in Myanmar. Two years on, hundreds of thousands of them are still living in refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, and their needs are just as urgent.

The spread of disease remains a constant threat in the over-crowded camps, and the monsoon rains have begun, bringing the threat of mudslides and more sickness…

Help Rohingya refugee families in desperate need: twin your loo with a toilet block in Cox’s Bazar.

Sokina’s Story

Sokina’s husband was killed in front of her: when her father tried to intervene, the Myanmar military killed him too. Sokina, 25, fled across the border into southern Bangladesh with her baby son. Today, their home is a makeshift shelter in Cox’s Bazar – where more than 910,000 other Rohingya have also sought safety.

Conditions in the camp were awful at first: there was little sanitation and the nearest toilet was far away. Sokina felt scared to use it, especially at night. Then our partner built a new toilet block, close to her home, and helped provide fresh water.

Our partners are also providing family hygiene packs with essentials such as soap, offering hygiene training and helping to set up WASH committees, to ensure toilets and bathing facilities are properly maintained.

The monsoon rains will only make life harder. Large swathes of forest have been cleared for the camps – increasing the risk of mudslides. The camps remain on high alert for outbreaks of disease; the diptheria epidemic which began in 2017 has affected more than 8,600 people. Insecurity too remains a major concern.

Let’s show refugees like Sokina they’re not forgotten. Please help us keep them safe: twin your loo with a toilet block in Cox’s Bazar.