2018: year of twinning triumphs

We’ve taken refuge in our smallest room to take a moment and reflect on all the quirky and generous ways our twinners have supported us over the past 12 months.

Our twinners never cease to amaze us with their boundless imaginations and an infinite capacity for toilet-related puns… and making poo emoji cupcakes.

First up are the intrepid types who’ve gone the extra mile – literally – with sponsored sportiness. We have to mention Alain Aitken of Milnathort who cycled 1,000 miles from Amsterdam to Gothenburg, and Gary Meechan who undertook – and survived – the gruelling Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway.

A team from Abicare in Salisbury took on a cycling challenge with an ascent equivalent to the height of Mount Everest – ending with a ride up Mont Ventoux in France. And it would be remiss not to add in Amelia Toms who cycled ten miles despite being only seven years old and having ‘very sore hands’ by the end.

Clockwise from top-left: Idina, 1st Fareham Girls’ Brigade, Raife, Gary Meechan, Leah, Alain Aitken, Team Abicare, Jean Skelly, Amelia and Muriel

Yet again, our young supporters have shown remarkable stamina and ingenuity in their fundraising.
Idina, who was ‘almost ten’ at the time, organised a sponsored Loo Tour around Nottingham, visiting 100 toilets in ten hours – while Leah, 13, walked 15 miles to visit 30 London lavatories with family and friends. More recently, Raife from Kingsley School Bideford ran a stall at a Christmas fair, selling only handmade things. And at about the same time, 1st Fareham Girls’ Brigade made unicorn poo slime to sell alongside their World Toilet Day bake sale. (Yes, you read that right.)

And our more mature twinners have proved that age is no barrier to the adventurous. Heroic granny Jean Skelly, 63, did a sponsored skydive for us in Cumbria – despite a fear of heights and falling that she has had since childhood. The ever-youthful Muriel Hutt from south Devon marked her 101st birthday with a pancake party where friends donated enough to twin ten toilets in Muriel’s honour.

And of course our World Toilet Day fundraisers – too numerous to mention here – did us proud, with spag bogs and toilet games, big squats and Soggy Bottom bake sales…

We’re so grateful to everyone who helped make 2018 another wonderful year – and who made it possible for someone somewhere to experience the health, security and dignity that comes with having a toilet. THANK YOU!