UK military in South Sudan help flush away poverty

The soldiers and staff of 33 Field Hospital, deployed in support of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, appreciate the importance of fresh water and proper sanitation, perhaps more than many.

They have set up a new hospital for the UN in Bentiu, near the Sahara desert. And they have just raised over £300 for Toilet Twinning.

33 Field Hospital is deployed as part of the UK Engineering and Medical Task Force, and the hospital provides healthcare for up to 1,800 UN military and civilian personnel located in Bentiu.

The medical staff know how important clean water and good sanitation are in preventing disease. So it seemed only natural to twin their toilets with a loo block in Bahr El Gazhal state, South Sudan, says Maj Julian Lentaigne RAMC, the Specialist Registrar from UK Level II Hospital.

‘We’ve experienced and overcome some significant challenges as part of the UK Engineering taskforce, in helping to set up a new hospital for the UN in Bentiu. At times, working near the Sahara desert has posed challenges in terms of access to fresh water, keeping clean and keeping well.

‘We are very lucky to have the expertise of the Royal Engineers to help set us up with fresh running water and toilet blocks, which is a relative luxury in this part of the world. The families and friends of the staff of 33 Field Hospital have been very generous in their support to twin our toilet block.’