Loos Save Lives – a children’s book to champion toilets

The humble loo is literally a lifesaver. Finally, the smallest room is getting the recognition it richly deserves… in a new children’s book by Toilet Twinning!

Loos saves lives is a non-fiction book to help schoolchildren understand the importance of toilets, clean water and hygiene, by engaging with the stories of children like them around the world.

Could you use our new book to inspire your class about why loos matter and get them involved in twinning their toilets?

Talking toilets is a good excuse for a bit of humour and a serious exploration of some of life’s big issues, as our young friends here prove:

Published by Wayland Books, Loos save lives introduces you to children like Jeremías in Guatemala who helped dig his family toilet. You’ll meet Dorothy and classmates in Liberia who are teaching their community about handwashing after the Ebola crisis. And then there’s Bruce whose composting toilet is helping the family’s farm produce bumper crops!

Loos save lives is aimed at children aged nine to 11, and has lots of curriculum tie-ins – from handwashing and germs, to the water cycle and extreme weather events.

It’s packed full of stats, facts and information about water and waste, and introduces children to the joys of Toilet Twinning too. Buy your copy now!