Folk music, flowers and fundraising in Vancouver

When Summer Joy and Jim Webb moved from England to Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast in 2010, they missed the English folk music scene so much that they began hosting house concerts and a monthly folk club.  Over the last seven years the events in their home, Gardeners Green, have become very popular, and they have raised money for various charities from their prize draws and admission donations.

Summer picks up the story: ‘A year and a half ago we heard about Toilet Twinning through English folk music friends. We thought it was a great idea and is really doing something very important to change the world for the better, so we began raising money for Toilet Twinning at Gardeners Green folk music events. The audiences were excited about it, and really got behind the project.’

Soon they were on a roll, bringing their current total up to 26 toilets. And, as Summer says, the many generous folks who have donated are appreciating their own luxurious toilets even more, knowing that they are contributing to the health and comfort of others in less fortunate circumstances.

Every August near where Summer and Jim live there is a local exhibition, a sort of ‘village fete crossed with an RHS flower show’.  This year Summer decided to enter the ‘container garden’ category with an old blue toilet planted with blue and purple flowers.  Jim fixed it onto a platform with wheels and a plumbing-pipe pushbar so it was portable, and at the hall Summer adorned the display with more plants in chamber pots and bedpans.

‘It was definitely the most unusual container there, it made people smile, and it provided the opportunity to spread the word further about Toilet Twinning,’ says Summer. And it won her first prize too!