Do your own #BigSquat

Join the #BigSquat for World Toilet Day!

#BigSquat is not a protest or a public health disaster: it’s a challenge to you and your friends to hold a sponsored squatting contest or a similarly quirky fundraiser.

We set the ball rolling with our #BigSquat on the Beach at Bournemouth in September. Could you hold your own fundraiser to twin a loo (or a few)?

Get in touch with us if you’d like tips and advice on how to throw your own #BigSquat on [email protected]

#BigSquat is also an online campaign. We’ve enlisted a few celebrities to help us promote it on Twitter and Facebook.

Businesses have got in on the action.

Young and old and everyone in between, please share your photos and video clips on social media with the #BigSquat hashtag – and send them to us so we can post them too ([email protected]).

Why bother with #BigSquat?

Because around 1 billion people have no alternative but to squat in the bush. Give your friends a good reason to get involved: share the story of Ericaine about life in a displacement camp in Central African Republic.