Join the #BigSquat

Join the #BigSquat. Get sporty for World Toilet Day – and for the one in three who don’t have a loo.

#BigSquat is not a protest or a public health disaster: it’s a challenge to you and your friends to hold a sponsored squatting contest.

Be a good sport like Armando Iannucci – and help us twin a record number of loos by November 19.

Could you and your friends take on a #BigSquat sponsored challenge in aid of lifesaving loos? Or another sporty event to raise funds for toilets?

Get in touch with us for tips, ideas and resources for your #BigSquat event.

To lead the charge, we’re holding a #BigSquat contest on Bournemouth beach on Saturday 23 September.

From 10.30am to about 12pm, 150 metres east of Bournemouth Pier, teams from several local gyms and clubs will compete in a fun squatting competition.

Their challenge will be to complete as many squats as possible in two-minute rounds, with prizes awarded for Best Squatting Team, Best Squatter and Best Amateur Squatter.

Participating organisations include Urban Health & Fitness, Fitness First Poole, DW Fitness and BH Live. Members of the public will also be invited to take on the challenge. Their individual achievements will be ranked on a leaderboard.

Event organiser Achim Kram, Toilet Twinning’s Head of Marketing, says: ‘This is a fun way to highlight a serious issue: the fact that one in three people in the world still don’t have a proper toilet. Millions have to squat in the bush, which makes them vulnerable to disease. And for women especially, it puts them at risk of attack. We British love toilet humour. So, our supporters often do mad, quirky things to raise money for loos, never anything bog standard. This event will be no exception.’

Urban Health & Fitness Director Manoj Patel says: ‘Our key focus as an independent health club is to engage and promote physical activity in the local community. The #BigSquat challenge encourages staff and members to take part in a fun local event that also highlights a serious situation – the lack of sanitation in the developing world. It’s something Urban Health & Fitness was happy to support and help increase awareness of.’

Mike Lyons, BH Live’s Director for Sport and Leisure, says, ‘As a social enterprise we are all about improving the lives of people in our communities. By taking part in the Big Squat, we are demonstrating that, as well as the personal benefits surrounding physical activity, exercise can also be used creatively to positively impact on others, including those much further afield.’

Sponsor your favourite gym team for the Bournemouth #BigSquat here: