Join our big push for #10thousandtwins by World Toilet Day!

On World Refugee Day, 20 June, we set an ambitious goal to twin 10,000 toilets by World Toilet Day (Sunday 19 November).

We’re serious about bringing health and hope to some of the most unstable places on earth – including countries where people have had to flee for their lives.

In Central African Republic, camps for internally displaced people may offer protection from violence or persecution but often they pose a hidden, equally deadly, threat. Without clean water and proper sanitation, sickness is rife. Overcrowded living areas mean diseases such as typhoid spread fast.

Sowa’s comfortable life was shattered by the crack of gunfire. She and her husband had to grab their children and run, leaving behind their farm, market stalls, children’s schooling… everything they had worked for.

Sowa was five months’ pregnant. She walked 75km to the displacement camp in Boda which has been her home now for three years.

There were no toilets initially: many people contracted typhoid. Many children who’d survived the militias’ attacks succumbed to disease in the camp.

‘We were ashamed when local people refused to let us use their toilets, and we were afraid we’d be attacked if we went in the bush,’ says Sowa.

But that’s all changed – thanks to a project that Toilet Twinning helped support. Sowa’s camp now has proper latrines and clean water, and camp residents work together to keep washrooms and toilets clean.

There’s much less sickness now. ‘You’ve given us back our health – thank you!’ says Sowa.

Join our #10thousandtwins campaign and help fund life-saving latrines for vulnerable families. 

  • Twin a loo at home, or at work, by World Toilet Day on 19 November.
  • Encourage others to twin their loos. Ask us for a fundraising kit, so you and your friends can hold a ‘do for a loo’ on or before 19 November.
  • We’ll share regular updates to keep you posted on progress…