Speyside twinners see double in the lavvy

If people in Speyside are seeing double, it’s nothing to do with the usual suspects – and everything to do with their toilets

That’s because several toilets across the area are now ‘twinned’, thanks to a quirky fundraising campaign called Toilet Twinning that links loos in the UK with latrines in poor countries.

Five toilets in the newly refurbished north wing of Glenmore Lodge are now twinned with loos in Guatemala, Malawi, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast and Uganda.

The toilets at Grantown Primary School in Grantown on Spey also now boast overseas twins.

Children outside their new loo in San Juan Moca, Guatemala

Children outside their new loo in San Juan Moca, Guatemala

The team at Glenmore Lodge raised funds to twin four toilets through a staff charity bake-off, as well as a contribution from an environmental fund that they use to support local, national and worldwide environmental and social projects.

The toilets at Grantown Primary were twinned by members of Speyside Full Gospel Church, who meet at the school every Sunday.

Church member Donald MacGregor said: ‘We thought that twinning the school loos would be a great way to open the children’s minds to communities overseas very different from our own and to the plight of people less fortunate than ourselves. Children have a strong sense of justice and this is a very simple, tangible way of showing them they can make a difference in the lives of poor people even though they’re thousands of miles away.’

Toilet Twinning’s Fundraising Manager for Scotland Elyse Kirkham said: ‘Toilets are such a basic thing that we tend to take them for granted. But in the countries where we work, children die for lack of a proper loo – and a basic pit latrine is literally a life-saver. It’s so wonderful to see people from all different walks of life in Scotland coming on board to help us flush away poverty.’

Toilet Twinning raises funds to provide clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene education in some of the poorest communities on the planet. In return for a £60 donation, you receive a certificate of your toilet twin, complete with a colour photo and its GPS coordinates.