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Sanitation projects vary, depending on the community’s unique needs. But the one thing they have in common is they are helping people access a decent toilet and clean water, as well as promoting the importance of good hygiene.

When you twin your toilet, and receive a certificate of the latrine your toilet has been twinned with, you can look up the location on Google Maps. Enter the numbers shown on your certificate (latitude/longitude) with a comma between them (make sure you include any minus symbol, for example -16.123456, 26.123456).

Latrines are twinned after they’ve been built, so the funds we raise may also be used to support water and sanitation projects in other communities – even other countries.

See our frequently asked questions for more detailed information Toilet Twinning.


Did You Know...

Every minute, 1.1 million litres of human excrement enters the River Ganges. (

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