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We make a big noise about toilets here at Toilet Twinning but we’re making a big splash about water too. Proper toilets, clean water and hygiene education are a vital combination to help children stay healthy and stay in school.

For World Water Day, on March 22, will you help children realise their dreams? Could you and your friends raise £240 to twin a school block?

Here are three girls, all aged 14:

Suma from Bangladesh was a model student… until she hit puberty. Then, her mother made her stay at home for at least one week a month. But now Toilet Twinning partners have built new toilet blocks at Baromari School – one for boys, one for girls. Attendance has risen and drop-out rates have fallen. Many more girls have enrolled. ‘Now I never miss classes,’ says Suma. ‘I’m very proud of my school.’

Bridget from Uganda wants to be a nurse so she needs a good education. Not long ago, Bridget and her classmates took turns to collect water from a spring during lessons, so they fell behind in class. The old toilets were filthy and many girls dropped out of school altogether. Pupils often fell ill. Now, Bridget’s school has separate girls’ toilets and clean water on tap. ‘To achieve my goal, I need to stay healthy,’ says Bridget. See her story on film.

Dorothy from Liberia is not only learning about hygiene at school: she’s also become a hygiene ‘ambassador’ at home. She and other Health Club members teach pupils how to wash their hands properly and clean the school loos. Then they encourage their parents to build a toilet. ‘We thought city children knew it all,’ she says. ‘Now we too are experienced in talking about a safe, clean environment.’

If you’d like to get some friends together to twin a school toilet block, we’ve loads of resources here

Let’s make a big splash together on World Water Day!

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