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Could you hold a Toilet Twinning party?

Or encourage your friends and family to twin their toilets while enjoying a meal?

Or create a Toilet Twinning stall at a local event?

If you’d like to get others excited about Toilet Twinning, we’d like to make it as easy as 1-2-3

1) Ask us for a Make-A-Stand kit comprising of 5 or more framed certificates, posters, leaflets, a T-shirt, paper bags.

2) In return for a donation of £60, you can let people choose their Toilet Twinning certificate from the selection we’ll send you

3) Take payment via cash or cheque – and then arrange to make a BACS transfer to the Toilet Twinning bank account (minus the cost of posting back any left-over certificates and unused resources).

You’ll find all the forms and banking details you need in the Make-A-Stand box.

If you’d like a chat about this, you can call the Make-A-Stand team on 0300 321 3217 or email us

Toilet Twinning from Tearfund

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